ELL-i – build an internet for your things!

ELL-i is an Open Source hardware and software platform for intelligent Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices. ELL-i provides both makers and professionals with open source software, schematics, layouts, and instructions for designing and building PoE-powered, intelligent, wire line-communicating devices.

An ELL-i Power-over-Ethernet node provides electrical power, distributed applications, and Ethernet communications at an affordable price and easy-to-install form factor, thereby allowing a new class of fixed and embedded devices, such as LED lights, active loudspeakers, safety systems, sensors, and actuators.

A proto series of ELL-i v1 boards has been produced, and a first version of the software stack runs at a demo quality level. A rewrite of the software stack is underway. A smaller and improved ELL-i v2 board is under development. We are also developing other related stuff – see our most recent, Power over Ethernet shield for RasPi!

ELL-i was created by a bunch of experienced individuals. We want to bring power and internet to your things!