ELL-i Resources

This page lists a number of web pages and other resources that may help you to get started with ELL-i.


  • The Main Wiki  will contain generic information about ELL-i.  It is very much work in progress still, with lots of information missing.
  • The One day tutorial in the Hackathon Wiki contains a one-day hackathon course that teaches you to build your own very simple switched-mode power supply.
  • The ELL-i Arduino IDE wiki page in the Hackathon Wiki contains instructions on installing and configuring the development environment for ELL-i based on Arduino IDE. This page will be later moved, once the new runtime stabilises.

Mailing lists

There are currently three open mailing lists, hosted at FreeLists:

  • Ell-i announcements is a low-volume, announcements only mailing list, with in the average less than one message per month.
  • The ELL-i developers list is meant for ELL-i software development discussion, focusing on the runtime and its design.
  • the ELL-i PCB Design list is meant for ELL-i hardware development discussion, focusing on new board designs.


Github is a git-based web hosting site for all kinds of source code.  The ELL-i co-op currently uses Github to store and share its open source designs and code.

  • The Arduino repository contains the ELL-i version of the Arduino IDE.
  • The Runtime repository contains the new ELL-i runtime, which is currently under active development and not usable yet.
  • The stm32flash repository is the ELL-i github fork of the open source stm32flash tool.  This is a C version of the tool used to flash STM32F-series microcontrollers over a serial line interface.
  • The ELL-i-Eagle-Boards repository contains our public PCB board designs, both ready ones and ones that are still work in progress.  For accessing the files, you need Eagle 6.4 or newer.
  • The ELL-i-Eagle-Libraries repository contains the Eagle 6.0+ devices, symbols, and packages used in the ELL-i PCB designs.
  • The Tools repository contains a number of generic software tools for ELL-i, including a python version of stm32flash.