TSYS01 Temperature Sensor Board

TSYS01 Temperature Sensor Board


This temperature sensor board provides very high accuracy ( ± 0.1°C ) and resolution temperature sensing using the TSYS01 digital single chip temperature sensor. The sensor can provide a practically noise free resolution of (0.01 °C ). The board enables user selectable digital communication with the TSYS01 temperature sensor with either I2C or SPI on any 3.3V compatible microcontroller. TSYS01 includes a 24-bit ADC at the temperature sensor, which enables a very low noise conversion results when compared to most ADCs embedded in a microcontroller. The sensor board also provides limited overvoltage, reverse voltage and ESD protection for TSYS01 in all of the I/O pins. This will make accidentally breaking the temperature sensor board unlikely in prototyping applications.

Every TSYS01 chip provides factory calibrated coefficients for converting the ADC values to temperature ( °C ). The temperature sensor board provides the peripherals and connectors required for using the TSYS01 temperature sensor chip without the need for SMD soldering. The pcb fits in to a 2.54mm pin pitch breadboard. It also includes a dedicated linear regulator with low drop out voltage and good ripple rejection for providing accurate voltage to the temperature sensor. This makes it much easier to actualise the promised accuracy of ± 0.1°C with this temperature sensor board than with any analog temperature sensor.

The TSYS01 has been designed for low power, low time constant and low self heating. The regulator of the sensor board can also be turned off to reduce the idle power consumption of the board. This makes the TSYS01 temperature sensor board a good option for obtaining accurate temperature measurements in applications where low power consumption is required.

There is an Arduino library available for this temperature sensor board enabling fast and easy deployment on the Arduino platform. The library can be used to communicate with multiple temperature sensors using the I2C or SPI interface. It also calculates temperature values using the calibration coefficients read from the TSYS01 and provides functions for turning on and off the linear regulator of the sensor board.


  • Temperature range -40 – 125 °C, at ± 0.5 °C accuracy.
  • High accuracy range of ± 0.1 °C at -5 – 50 °C.
  • Size: 21 * 40 * 2.54 mm.
  • Sensor can be cut to 6 * 13 * 2 mm island.
  • The M2.5 mounting holes of the sensor are 14.3 mm apart.
  • The sensor fits in to a 2.54mm hole pitch breadboard.

Additional information, schematics and Arduino library code can be found from our github repository here. The boards can be bought through Elecrow’s web shop.