Holistic Hackathon at the Hacklab

ELL-i Hackathon in collaboration with Helsinki Hacklab
Ell-i will organize a hackathon on May 22th – 24th, where we use ARM-based
HW (Nucleo board with STM32f334 and Raspberry Pi 2/B+) combined with 
ELL-i system architecture to make IoT solutions. Creating electronic 
adaptations, like power supplies as needed on the fly. 
 – LED lightning
 – home automation
 – greenhouse control
 – making bread
 – something that is not anticipated 
at Helsinki Hacklab premises in Pitäjänmäki, Takkatie 18

Time 48 hours, from 3pm May 22 until 3pm May 24, 2015

Venue Helsinki Hacklab, Helsinki Takkatie 18, 00370 HELSINKI, address 

Synopsis As there is no participation fee, participants will provide
food themselves, typical cost in neighborhood is around five euros.
ELL-i co-operative will provide refreshments and side dishes (like
bread, nuts etc).
We have lots of ST Nucleo F334 boards, some Raspberry Pi’s (2/B+)
PoE switches, leds, sensors and other electric components some DALI
lights, enough to get started.
You then should bring your laptops, USB cables, perhaps even your 
own oscilloscopes and other such equipment if needed and any other
hardware you consider interesting.
Registration, please send e-mail to eero.k.hakala@ell-i.org with subject:
May 22-24, 2015 hackathon and message body with your name and what 
you would be interested in building…
The number of participants is limited to 30 people.

Sponsors – discussions ongoing

Schedule The event starts on Friday 22th May at 3pm sharp, and
closes 48 hours later.
Participation Between 11pm-8am it is ok to go for sleeping elsewhere.
Staying at the venue through the nights is possible and encouraged.
Prizes – discussions ongoing!

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