Bare Metal Hackathon Agenda

Ell-i Bare Metal Hackathon, from Wednesday May 28 4pm until Friday May 30 4pm, 2014.

Preliminary agenda


4:00pm Opening words Marko Turpeinen, EIT ICT Labs
4:05pm Mingling Beverages and snack
4:15pm Introduction to the event Eero Hakala, Ell-i CEO
4:30pm Parallel sessions 1:
1a. Introduction to Bare Metal programming Pekka Nikander
1b. Programmers’ point of view to elementary hardware Teemu Hakala
1c. Using CoIDE from CooCox Jose Granados Vergara
1d. Early bird hacking starts
5:30pm Ericsson pizza:
Internet of Things at Ericsson
Jan Melen
6:00pm Project ideas 1: Introduce your idea 5–6 presenters
6:30pm Parallel sessions 2:
2a. HW peripherals as abstractions Pekka Nikander
2b. Basics of powering DC loads Teemu Hakala
2c. Early bird hacking continues
7:30pm Project ideas 2: Introduce your idea 5–6 presenters.
8:00pm Parallel sessions 3:
3a. Interrupts and threads Pekka Nikander
3b. Voltage domains and grounding Teemu Hakala
3c. Testing embedded with Robot Framework Asif Sardar
3d. Early bird hacking continues
9:00pm Project ideas 3: Forming the groups max 10 presenters. Snacks.
5–10 minutes per idea
10:00pm Real hacking commences Night snacks
8:00am Breakfast sessions 1: Breakfast
4a. Ell-i SMT32F emulator Pekka Nikander
4b. Using a logic analyser Ivan Raul
4c. Morning hacking for early birds
9:00am Morning hacking session
noon Lunch to go, hacking continues Lunch
1:00pm Afternoon sessions:
5a. Using Ell-i CoAP for connectivity Teemu Hakala
5b. Filtering and ADC measurements Antti Louko and Otso Jousimaa
5c. Ell-i threading model Ivan Raul
5d. Hacking continues
~ 2pm Afternoon hacking session
~ 4pm Snacks to go, hacking continues Snacks
7:30pm Reaktor Pizza: TBA To be announced. Pizza
8:30pm Mid term promotion Project groups
~ 10pm Night hacking session Night snacks
9:00am Helvar Breakfast:
Bare Metal solutions in
Helvar Lighting applications and products
Max Björkgren
10:00am Morning hacking session
12:30pm Lunch to go, last hacking spurt Lunch
1:30pm Project demonstrations Project groups
3:30pm Selection of the best project(s)
3:50pm Award announcement and closing Eero Hakala, Ell-i CEO
4:00pm End of event

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