ELL-i Team

Pekka Nikander – Prime Mover

Pekka NikanderPekka is the Prime Mover of Ell-i, also acting as the Chief Software Architect at Senseg. During his career, he has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers and has been granted some 20 priority patents. While he is considered an internationally recognised expert and public speaker on the Internet architecture and protocol security, in reality he is a jack of many trades in computer science and electronics, his skills ranging from PSU and FPGA design to user interfaces. He has previously worked as a Chief Scientist at Ericsson Research and founded Nixu, which has grown to the largest Internet security provider in Nordics. Pekka has a Ph.D. with honours from Helsinki University of Technology. With almost 30 years of professional industry experience, Pekka is devoted to turning pioneering research projects into founding substance for new businesses.

Eero Hakala – CEO and Product Creator

Eero HakalaEero is the CEO and Product Creator at Ell-i, and a private entrepreneur focusing on virtual environments and learning languages. He has over 40 years of business experience from telecommunications and IT sectors. Having worked for Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) and Nokia at various product management and R&D management positions, Eero has gained solid experience in productisation processes. He has impressive international experience from Chengdu and Beijing where he started an R&D site and managed competence transfer from the Finnish organization to the local team.  Eero holds a B.Sc. Economics degree from Helsinki School of Business. He is devoted to lifelong learning and is always open for new development projects. With Ell-i he aims at building an intelligent sensor network to monitor and tune heating and lightning of his own house.

Teemu Hakala – Designer and Trainer

Teemu HakalaTeemu designs Ell-i distributed automation system and covers also the electronics aspects of the system. He guides the developers in use of the Ell-i boards and provides training on control technology and electronics. In addition to being a qualified electrician, Teemu masters Unix systems and has pioneered in the Internet since 1986. He is a charter member of Helsinki Hacklab hackerspace and has been a ham radio operator for over 20 years. He is a troubleshooting expert fixing any electro-mechanical object smaller than a car. Teemu has worked for Finnish telecom operator Elisa and is currently employed at a Finnish electrical installation company solving customer issues in the field and on the fly. He is interested in providing open software and hardware also for small electrical devices and targets at building a responsive electronics solution for his home environment. Teemu values sustainable electronics and sees Ell-i as an opportunity to bring back the time of self-fixable devices.

Pertti Kasanen – Nurturer of New Technologies

Pertti Kasanen Pertti is Nurturer of New Technologies at ELL-i and a Partner at HitSeed, a Finnish start-up acceleration company. He has over 15 years of experience in turning technical innovations into valuable business. Pertti is a long-term entrepreneur in digital services’ market. He has also gained director level experience in designing user friendly telecom services and solutions at NSN. Pertti’s expertise covers analysing end customer demand for new applications, designing roadmaps for service development and partnership creation and management. He holds a M.Sc. Engineering degree from Helsinki University of Technology. Pertti is known as an early adopter of new technical innovations and maintains his forerunner position by actively testing new gadgets. With his unique expertise, he is devoted to contributing to the success of the potential start-ups forming round ELL-i technology.

Jukka Korpihete – Creative Designer

Jukka KorpiheteJukka is Creative Designer for ELL-i and an experienced private entrepreneur running a lighting design studio. Jukka has had numerous private exhibitions in museums and design centres in Finland, China and Japan. He is working widely in the lighting field with customers ranging from special individual homes to cityscape lighting plans and public spaces such as churches, hotels, offices, facades and public areas. He also works on industrial design projects with various Finnish and international customers. Jukka has received several Finnish and international design awards. In 2011 he received Ilmari Tapiovaara award as a recognition for visionary, functional and humane design works. In 2009 he was awarded with the prestigious Good Design Award by Chicago Athenaeum. In 2007 he was awarded with the Design Price by the Finnish décor journal Avotakka and in 2006 Design Forum Finland’s Young Designer of the Year Price. Jukka is industrial designer by education and has over 15 years of design work experience. In the ELL-i project he is inspired by the challenge of demystifying technology. He wants to provide attractive design solutions to make technology innovations easier to approach for everyday users.

Jukka Kotkanen – Relationship Creator

Jukka KotkanenJukka is Relationship Creator at Ell-i and private entrepreneur running coaching business at Ba Advisors. Jukka holds an Accredited Coach degree from Ashridge Business School. His impressive coaching experience covers a wide range of B2B business sectors with coached organization levels reaching up to top management. From his time at Nixu, a Finnish Internet security provider, Jukka brings international sales and marketing experience to ELL-i. Jukka has a M.Sc. degree majoring in International Marketing and Occupational Psychology. In addition he is a Naval Architect (B.Sc.). With over 15 years of business experience Jukka coaches the ELL-i community aiming at giving rise0 to a flourishing and evolving ecosystem of start-ups.

Timo Latvala – HW Design Master

Timo LatvalaTimo is HW Design Master at ELL-i and Chief Hardware Designer at Senseg Oy. With a 40-year work career of he is a recognized wireless and communications designer specializing in Bluetooth, Zigbee, SDLC and BSC. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded Wizecon which provides smart reference designs for energy efficient communications. He is also a co-founder of a short-range wireless connectivity solution provider Bluegiga. Timo has served as a Field Application Engineer at IT distributor Arrow Finland, worked as an Export Sales Manager at Finnish IT service provider Tieto Enator and gained international experience from Germany, Holland and USA working as a System Engineer and a HW/SW Designer at Raytheon Data Systems in the early years of his career. He is an enthusiastic electronics hobbyist demonstrating amazing skills in optimal component selection and producing and testing prototype boards.

Markus Levlin – Guard of Innovations

Markus Levlin Markus is Guard of Innovations at Ell-i and a European Patent Attorney providing IPR services to companies and individuals who want to make the most of their innovations. He has made a long career in IPR business holding both executive level and expert positions in major Nordic IPR service companies. He has also managed IPR issues at SSH Communications Security Solutions. Markus holds a M.Sc. degree from Helsinki University of Technology. With over 25 years of experience in business and research Markus is interested in creating new businesses on top of the open Ell-i hardware and software environment. He is a passionate wide-scope hobbyist, an avid maker and wants the Ell-i platform to make his own home automation projects even cooler.

Olli Pitkänen – Legal Advisor

Olli Pitkänen Olli is Legal Advisor to Ell-i and Senior Research Scientist at Aalto University in Helsinki. During his over twenty years in ICT business and highly recognized research organizations he has published dozens of research papers and articles in the fields of ICT and law. Olli has served as a board member at Internet security provider Nixu and at mobile communications company Bookit as well as in IT associations. He has held several university positions where he has been in charge of large research projects, their fund-raising and management. Olli holds a Dr.Sc. degree from Helsinki University of Technology and LL.M. in law from University of Helsinki. He values the organizational approach of the Ell-i co-operative and open software and hardware development and enjoys guiding the Ell-i team with any law related matters.

Matti Viita – Guard of Electrical Safety

Matti ViitaMatti is Guard of Electrical Safety at ELL-i and a partner at Mazetec Energy where he executes energy audits and energy saving projects in United Arab Emirates. He has 20 years of experience from several managerial positions in electronics and energy industry at SGS, Efore and ABB serving global markets, especially Central Europe and Middle East. Matti is experienced in customer acquisition. He has successfully managed several products over the complete life cycle covering product development, subcontracting, production ramp up, global production, quality and cost improving actions, after sales services and product ramp down. Matti has also managed a product testing and certification unit at SGS. He has valuable experience in the international regulations, standards and product validation. Matti holds a M.Sc. Tech. degree from Helsinki University of Technology. He enjoys developing broad scenarios to optimize building services’ energy consumption