Membership policy


We envision the core members of the ELL-i community wanting to be members of the ELL-i co-operative. While the whole purpose of forming a co-operative around the ELL-i platform is to form a legal body that governs and legally owns the copyrights and other IPR of what forms the ELL-i platform, we want to make the membership advantageous to the contributing members. We expect that a hopefully large number of people will eventually contribute to the ELL-i platform. Hence, we want to form a membership model that is fair, beneficial to the community, and enables the also commercial companies to build products on the top of the ELL-i platform trusting that the platform will evolve and stay available to them.


The goals of the membership model can be tentatively stated as follows:

  • TBD.

Tentative membership policy

  • All contributing members of the community are encouraged to apply for a membership in the co-operative.
  • The co-operative requests a membership fee from the joining members. At the time of this writing, the membership fee is 10 euros.

    By default, the co-operative asks the joining members to pay a joining fee in addition to the membership fee, which at the time of this writing is 200 euros. However, the co-operative may lift the joining fee in certain cases, for example, when accepting a member that has contributed a lot to the community and who has a socio-economic situation where the joining fee would form an obstacle.

  • Membership applications are confidential by default.

    A main reason for this policy is to avoid a situation where someone applies for the membership but gets rejected and the applicant does not want it to be made known that he or she applied in the first place. With this and the following policy, a person may apply for membership and if rejected, ask the reasons of the rejection be kept private.

  • The co-operative shall, by default, accept the membership application of any contributing member of the community.

    If the application is rejected, the co-operative shall inform the member about the reasons of the rejection, and publish the reasons of the rejection to the rest of the community, unless the rejected member explicitly forbids such publication of the reasons.

  • The co-operative publishes, by default, the names of its members, but no other information about its members.

    Any member may opt to keep their membership non-public, in which case their membership is visible in the official membership ledger but not published through the co-operative web site.

  • At a later stage, if the number of contributors grows to very large (e.g. as is the case in the Linux kernel community), this policy may be changed by raising the bar. That is, people doing minor contributions may no longer be encouraged to join, and the co-op may decide to have some kind of a minimum size or level of contributions that is required before new members are accepted to the co-op.

A tentative definition for contributions

  • TBD.

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