Raspberry Pi PoE shield now in IndieGoGo!

We have launched our RasPoE, the Power over Ethernet addon board for Raspberry Pi.
For those of you who need to hear no more, here is the link:


Please spread the word!

There are a few boards like ours on the market, but we are the first GPL3 licensed
one as far as we know. The current design is available at


The design is done in KiCAD, which is Open Source electronics design program. We’ll
clear up the schematics and publish full parts list with distributors so you can
even assemble your own boards if you want to! All this is still quite a lot of work,
so please give us a few weeks to polish the design as we publish it.

We’ll work to merge the PCB footprints created for the board back to KiCAD upstream
during the campaign, your backing allows us to expand the common Open framework for
electronics design.

We would like to thank the community and awesome support we have had ever since the
beginning. Especially Vaasa’s Hackerspace’s contribution to us was extremely
important, as they found out about the transient vulnerability in Ethernet PHY of
Raspberry Pi. Open developing of the boards with the community let us find a
critical design flaw, which is now fixed before our release. Even if our campaign is
not successful, the knowledge we gained during this spring is now out in the open
where everyone can benefit from it.

There has been a lot of interest in building derivative works based on our board. As
we’re committed to values of Open Source, we’re always happy to see our designs grow
into something else. Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions, even if it’s
just to let us know that you’re making something cool. This way we can focus at
something else at ELL-i and avoid duplicating work.

And since it was such a long wall of a text, here’s the link again!


Let’s make the first Open Source Raspberry Pi PoE Board a product!

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