Hackathon aftermath

We setup the Helsinki Hacklab for our hackathon. It was a quick matter of connecting our PoE switch to rack and presenting the Raspberrys and PoE shields, PoELL-i Nucleos and various electronics modules, parts and shields. Soon we were having music over Ethernet.


We assembled a few of the new PoE-shields,


It was very interesting to see what happens when the area has a lot of creative people, and facilities to support them around. Helsinki Hacklab had Ethernet sockets already available all over the place, and with our PoE switch we could enable PoE in any socket in less than a minute.

Whenever there was a convenient spot for building a project, things happened at amazing pace. Want to try if that stepper motor driver can drive the curtains, but don’t want to risk your laptop to higher-than-USB-voltages? Plug in a Raspberry with PoE, power Arduino through Raspberry Pi’s USB and you’re ready to go!


There was something amazing created in our hackathon, and we feel it deserves it’s own in-depth writeup. Stay tuned to find out what it was! In meanwhile, join in our mailing list here and we’ll email you before our campaign starts so you can snatch those Early Bird rewards!

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