Raspberry Pi PoE: Looking for testers

Our newest boards are currently in customs waiting to be cleared, they will arrive in time for our Hackathon next weekend.

We took this opportunity to make a few final adjustments to design. We added a connection for a pin header at the output before fuse in case someone wants to power some external load. To further help with external loads we also left a place for output voltage adjustment resistors so people can tweak the output to suit their needs.

We also pulled the DC/DC module a bit inwards to the board so it will have a bit more space between HiFiBerry DAC+ RCA-connector and DC/DC transformer.

new boards in mail

We’re going to launch the crowdfunding campaign soon. In meanwhile, if you want to receive one board ASAP we can send you the bare boards and parts at no markup. If you’re interested in assembling one board and giving it a try, contact us at indie@ell-i.org and we’ll arrange things from there.

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