Raspberry Pi PoE: To pinch pennies or not to pinch pennies?

Good, cheap, small production run – pick two. That’s the question we’re facing this week. We have gotten some feedback about the pricing of our PoE HAT, two main viewpoints are:

1) It’s going to be expensive anyway, so at least it should have ALL the premium features

2) It absolutely must not be more expensive than the Raspberry Pi itself!

Unless we’re getting thousands of orders, we’re not going to split the product into “Economy” and “Premium” models. We would like to include:

  • Mounting hardware, as in 4 * board spacers.
  • Ethernet patch cables, which connect the HAT to Pi.
  • Long pins on pin header
  • High quality electrolytic capacitor on output
  • High quality input filtering for less radiated noise
  • Shielded ethernet connectors for more reliable data transmission

These are going to be stretch goals in our crowdfunding campaign.
Please let us know what you consider important by answering the survey here. Your answers help us to set the order of the stretch goals.

We’re also delighted to hear any suggestions for more features! Contact us at indie@ell-i.org with any comments and feedback.

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