Next revision of Raspberry Pi Power over Ethernet board

Our first round of prototypes gathered a lot of interest. We have received a lot of great feedback and suggestions for the board. The next revision of board will incorporate the following changes:

  •  Fuse F1 has been changed to 0805 footprint
  •  Transformer T1 and aluminum capacitor C6 have larger pads for easier handsoldering
  •  Pads for attaching wires directly to raw PoE lines have been added
  •  Ethernet connectors have been switched to SMD-ones to avoid shorting ethernet connectors to USB connector below.
  •  Camera slot has been reduced for increased mechanical strength.
  •  Some silkscreen text has been changed and moved around, “Internet” to “PoE switch” for example
  •  Some silkscreen issues, such as references being over pads have been fixed.
  •  Extra path for lesser filtering has been removed
  •  Mounting holes have solder mask opening as per Raspberry Pi HAT specification.
  •  Fiducials have been added for automated assembly

A 3D-render of board gives a rough idea of how it looks, even though we haven’t made models for project specific parts.


Our shield is not going to be officially HAT compliant, as the Ethernet connectors and signal termination come over the HAT boundaries of 65 mm. We considered squeezing the design into HAT dimensions, but since we’re going to have connectors over USB and Ethernet ports we decided to extend the board over the area.

Hopefully we receive some of the Raspberry PI HATs we ordered this week so we can get into testing integration of our previous prototype shield and existing HATs. Stay tuned, and join our mailing list by signing up at

We always love to hear from you, please feel free to contact us at with your comments and questions.

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