Raspberry Pi PoE-shield: first round of prototypes

We are designing a Power over Ethernet (PoE) board for Raspberry Pi
models B+ and 2. Our first prototypes have been assembled and they work as hoped,
however there were some rough edges in first round of design.

Vaasa Hacklab is building their own 3D-scanner based on Raspberry Pi’s powered with PoE, and they were kind enough to give our boards a try. Below is our translation of their blog post outlining their experiences with the boards.

by olmari · March 21, 2015 (English version Eero Hakala/Ell-i) – original blog posting: http://vaasa.hacklab.fi/2015/03/21/raspberry-pi-poe-shield/

We got the prototype boards for the Raspberry Pi PoE shield from Ell-i
co-operative so just just heat the soldering iron and start working – as a
first timer on plate that has SMD components on it.

Starting the work was a kind of shock as the 1608 packaged (0603 imperial)
surface mount component was indeed really small, a kind of tiny weeny piece
of …, but I got it connected on the plate. Thanks to the good planning that
left lots of space around the parts for working not to mention that the
pads themselves were quite big. Also good quality of soldering iron helped.
I succeeded to make one dry-joint in the beginning but giving it more hot
iron did melt it away.

All things were not quite perfect because the board was still a prototype.
We found that the connector pins of RJ-45 connector made contact to USB
header of Raspberry, we got it corrected with electric tape. In final
version of the board the pins will be moved a bit or the part will be
replaced with a surface mount version. Thermal fuse was also a bit bigger
than the place for it, with good enough aim we got it in place, this will
also be corrected in the production version.

See below for some pictures of the board and ready made system.

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