Eero Hakala nominated as the President and CEO for ELL-i cooperative

Eero Hakala has been nominated as the President and CEO for ELL-i cooperative.  ELL-i develops an Open Source hardware and software platform for intelligent Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices.  ELL-i provides both makers and professionals with open source software, schematics, layouts, and instructions for designing and building PoE-powered, intelligent, wire line-communicating devices.

Eero Hakala has over 40 years of business experience from telecommunications and IT sectors.  Having worked for Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) and Nokia at various product management and R&D management positions, Eero has gained solid experience in productisation processes.  He has impressive international experience from Chengdu and Beijing where he was working for 2.5 years for Nokia.  He has also strongly contributed to technical press development in Finland having founded several journals for It industry professionals and hobbyists.  Eero holds a B.Sc. Economics degree from Helsinki School of Business.  He is devoted to lifelong learning and is always open for new development projects.

Pekka Nikander, Prime Mover and founding member of ELL-i is happy to move managerial responsibilities to Eero Hakala: “I’m extremely happy to have Eero on board, with his  long career experience in managing R&D organisations and complex technical products.  I am confident that with Eero we will be able to advance to the next step, from providing the developers with designs and and source code to producing a concrete, ready-to-use fully open development platform.”

Eero Hakala aims at building an intelligent sensor network to monitor and tune heating and lightning of his own house with ELL-i technology.  “My goal is to create credibility, stability and predictability by applying agile practises to leading our pack of international team while keeping red tape on minimal level and focusing on getting things done with quality.  Our challenge is to create innovative and excellent hardware driven by equally innovative and excellent software!  Succeeding in both areas will make us an exceptional home base for as well people as business spin offs based on our technologies!”