Developing together: Are you brave enough to share your innovation?

Why ELL-i community is developing open source software and hardware? We have considered alternatives and chosen open HW/SW development as the best alternative, because we believe that information is a resource which adds value to our system only when it’s openly available and distributed. Good examples of this approach are Linux, Arduino and RaspberryPi. They paved the way, ELL-i is happy to follow. In today’s world you will not get far if you are trying to hide information.

Even everyday technical devices are so complex that a single person can hardly fix them not to mention designing and building without reading a manual or receiving support from other experts. From the point of sustainability this is a huge waste of resources and at ELL-i we are willing to change it.

Think about this scenario: If your proprietary SW/HW design has a bug, you will receive customer complaints. If your open SW has a bug, the community members will compete on providing the best fix for it.

At ELL-i the community members’ knowledge is expressed in a reusable manner as open code and hardware designs. Anyone can build on top of our knowledge and start to develop systems of their own. Our working ethos is that if you find our code useful, you are willing to contribute back to our code repository. This way we are able to create a positive feedback loop and gain resources which we would not able to reach otherwise, i.e. more innovators, coders and testers building better future for all.

A single person’s innovation potential is fed but also constrained by her/his environment, expertise, and life situation and so on. The larger the development community and the total innovation potential grows, the fewer of these constraints apply for the whole development base. In addition to innovation, testing is a highly important aspect. As technical systems are growing in complexity, testing takes more and more time and resources. Tests can be automated but it is challenging to generate sensible exceptions into automated test cases. Human users automatically generate exceptions to the ways that they use the equipment. The larger the community of users is, the more thoroughly the system will be tested.

Putting together Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) systems, wireline data communication and computing power, the ELL-I community will be able to create smarter and more energy efficient systems which are more accessible to all, even for those who live on the bottom of the pyramid (BOP). This way we are enabling more sustainable future for the globe. ELL-i cooperative supports sharing via open SW/HW and also via selecting affordably priced components. ELL-i has a mission to build an ecosystem that supports more sustainable and fair growth and wellbeing globally. We invite you to innovate with us in the ELL-i community!

— Jukka


One thought on “Developing together: Are you brave enough to share your innovation?

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